First Post!

First Post!

Well, this is the first Blog I have ever written. So here goes.

A friend and myself starting building the studio last Spring - by September the footings and slab were in and the timber frame was up by October. It took a lot longer as we only had weekends but a very pleasurable time was had seeing it gradually taking shape. Once I have the hang of this I will put some photos on of the progress. The studio was finally finished in February. I was very fortunate to buy a kiln secondhand from just down the road. It a toploader ( not one I would have considered normally as I have built a few kilns in the past) but it works brilliantly and suits my needs for the present. I have been working in there for a few months. It's brilliant - so much better than a classroom!

I have made a series of Raku pots. Mostly decorated with a copper blue glaze and have started working on a new glaze ( that sounds very grand but what I do is adapt existing recipes to suit my needs). For example adding more oxide or taking out some of the china clay. It's a white crackle glaze and I think it really works well with unglazed areas and I like the contrast of the glossy crackle and the matt black of the reduced body.

I have finished a number of commissions for wedding plates and a plaque for the village to mark the planting of a willow tree for the Queens Jubilee. I am also working on a series of fossil panel which are a mixed media piece comprising of Raku fossils, sand, gravel and plaster.

The one thing I haven't done is get in touch with galleries etc. Not something I am that keen on doing but it will have to be done and once work is out there I will feel better about it.

So, that is my first blog! Not as painful as I thought!!