Rob Wheeler - Potter

Studied at Ipswich School of Art and Brighton School of Art. Has exhibited widely in the UK and Europe in both mixed and one man shows.

His work has its roots in nature. The forms and texture often taking their inspiration from fossils and sealife. Classic chinese forms such as balluster vases are also an influence. Most of this work is produced in white earthenware and then put through the Raku process. Some of the more sculptural work is fired to stoneware.

He also produces a variety of domestic earthenware to order including commemorative slipware plates.


Bowls and Dishes


A copy of a Greek Skyphos made for an antiquities collector.

Copy of 3rd century BC Greek Skyphos made for a collector

Am working on some' Roman' pots at the moment. They will have small shards of Roman pots inserted in a cut out on the rim - then filled, rubbed down and waxed. 


Domestic Ware and Raku

The range of domestic ware is made from a fine white earthenware clay, biscuit fired to 1000C, glazed with a tin glaze and decorated in cobalt blue using a natural sponge. It is then fired again to 1120C.

All domestic wares are oven and dishwasher proof. 

The raku pots are porous and therefore not suitable for holding water but can be sealed with a diluted wash of PVA rinsed on the inside.

So see some examples of my domestic and other wares visit the gallery.


Plates and Plaques

Most of the commemorative plates are made in the slipware tradition. Wedding, Christening and Anniversary plates are made to order using a red earthenware clay with applied decoration and lettering using the slip trailing technique.

You can see some plate examples in this image gallery.